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Nice, I'll check that out tonight when I get home from work.
Pizano, we're on Discord: [link]
I now have a level 90 spy on the Legends server. Total newb gear though so I'm going to have to find some kind of afk credit grind.
So you just threw her a pint of throat yogurt and called it a day?
So I met a real, honest to goodness Flat Earther... beautiful girl, redhead, going to college to study philosophy. But I won't waste my time with someone who actually thinks the world is flat...and apparently, it's a growing trend.
That I could deal with. I haven't been doing any gaming lately but I'll check it out.
They reset it every 6-8 hours, if that's what you're wondering. Other than that, though, it works just fine. Haven't had any rollback issues or anything.
Does legends actually work and stay up and running now? I still do the Bloodfin thing but I might check it out if its working finally.
Hey Caine, you can find a few of us on SWG:Legends, and the rest of the crew is in Discord, playing either Overwatch or Elder Scrolls Online
Anybody playing GTA V online?